THE castle 


The most beautiful cycling route around Fyn

Take the Castle Route for the most stunning views of Fyn and its neighbouring islands. There are plenty of signs to point you in the right direction. But, given that most of the routes with signs are geared to travelling from A to B as efficiently as possible, we have created the Castle Route for those of you who don’t simply want to speed from one town to another. The route is for anyone seeking adventure in the great outdoors. Discover the landscape and the area’s various attractions in their very best light. Soak up nature with all your senses. In a nutshell, the Castl Route is just as much about getting there as the final destinations.

The Castle Route features the most stunning nature and the most fascinating attractions on Fyn and the neighbouring islands, divided into 14 different stages, abounding in stories, delicious food and countryside as far as the eye can see.

Take, for example, the stage between Nyborg and Svendborg. The direct route is just 34 kilometres. If you opt for the Castle Route, you will cover 70 kilometres and experience much more. In other words, you get twice as much. In terms of nature. In terms of stories. In terms of culture. Eating and drinking breaks in a league of their own. Watermills. Castles. Not forgetting Lundeborg – a town that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Alongside vineyards and distilleries that produce no less than the ‘Water of Life’.

The name says it all. There are 123 manor houses and castles on the island of Fyn. Most of them boast a fantastic setting in the landscape. The manor houses made the most significant mark on our cultural landscape in the shape of fields, forests, churches, houses, boundaries etc.

On this journey, you will pass many of these 123 castles and manor houses. Some of them are open to the public. Others are private homes.

Please respect the signs and instructions you encounter.

Wouldn’t you also think it was weird if someone entered your private garden and peered through your windows?

For each stage, you can see the manor houses and castles you will pass on route, and whether they are open to the public.

Bon voyage!

The Castle Route was developed with the support of: