Works of art

In every municipality you cycle through you will encounter one of our bird mascots. There are ten of them, and each has its own characteristic features. They are all the work of the artist Per Buk. Each bird’s eyes are the size of bicycle wheels – well, on a small bicycle! Each bird has a manor house hat. We named it the Phoenix Bird after the title of one of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales. It is the bird of poetry. It dies in flames, but always rises again, with a kiss from God. The bird is a bit like you: always ready for fresh adventures the next day, no matter how hard today was.

The bird is looking both ways. That is because you can drive both left and right on the Castle Route throughout Fyn and the Islands. Have a go. Enjoy.  

Per Buk (b. 1969 in Ringe in Central Fyn)

The Langeland-based artist Per Buk, who runs his own gallery, is known for his quirky birds and fantastical creatures. Per Buk’s works encompass painting, sculpture reliefs and ceramic sculptures. The main hallmark of his art is joie-de-vivre. He wants his art to make viewers smile and to tell them a positive little story. For the artist, his motifs and stories are an expression of freedom: freedom to follow the paths in life that make sense